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AERA see list




AneCan see list


an-an see list


andGIRL see list


ar see list


asayan see list


Bart see list


bea’s up see list


Beat Freak see list


BeaVoice see list


BLENDA see list


B.L.T. see list

Bomb see list

Boon see list


bounce see list


BRAND NEW see list


Breath see list


CanCam see list


Cawaii! see list


CD Data  see list


CD HITS! see list


CD-ROM Fan  see list


Cinemusk see list

Check Mate see list

Chugaku see list


CLUBation see list


CM NOW see list


College LINE see list


common & sense see list


COOL TRANS see list


Dance Style  see list


De View see list


DROPS see list


DTM Magazine see list


Duet see list

Edge Style see list


ELLE see list


EyesCream see list


fab. see list


Figaro Girl see list


Fine see list


FLOOR see list


Flying Postman Press see list


FM Station see list


Frau see list


FUN music see list


Gekkan Kodakawa see list

Get on!  see list


Gina see list


GINGER  see list


GINZA see list


Girls Hits! see list


Girl Pop see list


GISELe see list


GLAMOROUS see list


Groovin’ see list


Gyao see list

Harper’s Bazaar see list

Hiphop Insider see list

Hot Dog see list


HOT PEPPER see list


How see list


HMV see list


I am see list

I.m see list


InRed  see list


Internet TV Guide see list

Invitation see list


itLOVE see list


JADE see list


Jam Spot see list


Jelly see list


JJ see list


J.Marker see list


JUNON see list


Kayokyoku see list


Kindai Eiga see list


Kine Jun see list


Kyodo Entertainment Press see list


Lemon see list


Life see list


Luire see list


Mannish see list


Marie Claire see list


milk see list


MIMIT see list


mina see list


Mini  see list

Momoco see list

Monthly Feature see list


Monthly Okinawa  see list


Monthly Rock’n’Roll see list


MORE see list


MTV Free Paper see list

Music Creator see list


Myojo see list


New Type see list

Nicole see list

Nikkei see list


NIPPONIA  see list


non-no see list


Numéro Tokyo see list


NYLON see list


Olive  see list

Only Star see list


Oricon / The Ichiban see list


Otona MUSE see list


PATI-PATI see list


Petit see list


Pia see list

Pichiremon see list


PINKY  see list


Pop Beat see list


POPEYE see list


Popolo  see list

Pop Sisters see list


Popteen  see list


Potato  see list


Ranking Express  see list


Ray see list


Rolling Stone see list


Samurai Magazine  see list


SCawaii! see list


Schola see list


Senken h see list


Seven see list

Seventeen see list

Shogaku see list

Shonen see list


Shukan Asahi see list


Smart see list


Songbook see list


Songs see list

Soup see list

Spa! see list

Sparkle  see list


SPRING see list


SPUR  see list


Steady see list


Stonew! see list

Studio Voice see list


Sweet see list


The Fitness see list


The Television see list


Tokyo Headline see list


Tower see list


Town Magazine Okinawa Club see list


TV Guide see list


TV Idol Magazine see list

TV Kids see list

TV Life see list

TV Pia  see list

TV Station  see list


UGA  see list


U Magazine see list


uno! see list


Up to boy see list


Uta BON see list


VA see list


Vanitymix  see list

Views see list


ViVi see list


VoCE  see list


VOGUE see list


Walker see list


Weekly Big Comic Spirit see list


Weekly Playboy see list


Weekly Post see list


Weekly Wise see list


Weekly Young Jump see list


WHAT’S IN? see list


Wink Up see list


with see list


WOOFIN’  see list


WOWOW Monthly Program see list


WWD see list


Yummy see list


Zappy see list