Title: Hide & Seek

Release date: 1996
Website: http://www.amuro.com

Type: Puzzle game



History and Contents

Hide & Seek was an online game available in the mid-1990s on Amuro Namie’s official website, AM-GLAM.

The principle is based on the traditional cups and balls trick. Amuro Namie is hidden under one of the three boxes, they get mixed and the player has to choose the right box. As the game progresses, the boxes move faster and faster. Namie’s voice is included in the game. Players could register their name and score online.



The game is a DCR file that cannot be played on recent browsers. You can download an old version of Netscape Navigator (ver.9 works) as well as Shockwave plugin and open the DCR file with it.

Click on the image below to download the game.








As a bonus, here is a second file that could be found on the website with a dancing Namie that shouts “Body feels!” when you click on her.