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What is Namie Amuro – Toi et Moi’s Pilgrinage Worldmap?
It is a map dedicated to fans who want to find places visited by Amuro Namie. Since the release of GIFT, it has become a habit for fans to take photos similar to Namie’s (same location, same pose), so this map aims at facilitating the process by showing the many (and precise) places in the world where this pilgrinage can be undertaken.

What does it contain?
– locations of photo shoots and video shoots, including photobooks, music videos & commercials
– restaurants and cafes visited by Namie, including those where she left an autograph
– places visited during travels and holidays

How did you find them?
It was a very long process. I have confronted photographs, videos, making of, interviews and texts (especially from Fan Space booklets), and tried to find the right location through Google Street View. Sometimes, the location was given right away, sometimes I had to juggle with a very few hints. 

Did you do it alone?
Yes and no. I am working all alone on this website and every project related to it, but I get help through what other fans have done before. For example, while it was easy for me to find locations in France, I would have had a harder time with Love Story music video in London without the work of British fans. The same goes with Baby Don’t Cry‘s music video in Tokyo. Blogs and Instagram accounts have also helped me: I am very indebted to Viki Hung’s blog for locations in Okinawa and to Bowarrowtd for autographs in restaurants – she made an amazing job and you should definitely check her Instagram!

That being said, I have still found most locations by myself, including those in Japan. I must admit some of them were particularly tricky!
Edit: I’m renewing all my thanks to Viki Hung who is now trying to help me finding other locations as well as to others who’ve also reached me
. Taiwanese fans are super dedicated, I’m loving it!

Is the map exhaustive?
As much as it can be, but I have only included locations that I was able to identify clearly. It means that, while I know Namie was in Sardegna in 2017, I don’t know where she went exactly, so Sardegna is absent from the map.

I also chose not to include GIFT‘s recommandations. I might change my mind later, but for the moment, I have considered that we are not 100% that Namie actually visited those places. On the other hand, I have included places that don’t exist anymore: in such a case, the closure is mentioned.

How should I use the map?
Please try to zoom as much as possible on the markers since some of them are very close from each other. For example, if you go to certain squares, streets or parks, you may have several points which are tied to different photos/angles. I have tried to locate on the map the exact spot where the photo was taken whenever it was possible. If you are afraid of missing anything, there is also a list +300 spots below the map.

Please also note that when a photo showing Namie is available, it is included.

I’ve been able to recognize a place that you missed!
Please let me know through Facebook or the contact form! If I find other locations, I will obviously add them to the map in the future.

So which ones were particularly tricky?
I have torn my hair out at Live Style 2011 pamphlet’s Italian villa. I had spent days looking for all villas and palaces in Latium, gave up, and tried again months later. Finally, I’ve been able to find the good one with much pride: it is Villa Taverna Parisi in Monte Porzio Catone. 

The villa in Jamaica was also tricky because Namie wrote in #19770920 it was where “Paul McCartney stays all the time”. This led me to believe it was Janus Villa. BUT, after looking again (and watching Amuro World), I came to realize that it didn’t fit. I started to look for all villas available for rent in Round Hill, Montego Bay with no luck. Then, with random Google Image search, I found it. It was a private villa: White Orchid Guest House (Villa No.26) that belonged to Babe Paley and was bought by Ralph Lauren, who also happens to have redecorated all the villas on Round Hill.

A few days ago, I have also managed to find the exact location of Say the word music video. My only hint was “airfield in Ibaraki prefecture”. So I started to look for every airfields around. I found Kasumigaura Garrison with landing strip no.6, Otone Airfield with landing strip no.7 and Ryugasaki Airfield with landing strip no.8. But I couldn’t located landing strip no.9 which is showing in the music video. And for good reason, it had been demolished and replaced with a solar power plant in 2015! Further researches in Japanese made me realize it was probably Ami Airfield, which I have confirmed thanks to an older satellite view on Google Earth.

I won’t go on, but some parks and beaches followed the same process: I knew the prefecture and just kept looking at everything on Google Maps to find the right place. 

So now enjoy the map!