Songs that have never been released

Put ‘Em Up
duet with Chili of the TLC
It was probably recorded in 1999-2000 and initially planned to be released on ‘LOVE ENHANCED ♥ single collection’.
According to fans, it was aired as a BGM during Tour ‘fanspace ’04’.


Songs that should have gotten a music video

A music video was filmed, but rejected.

Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! (2011)
A music video is rumored to have been filmed at Universal Studios Japan, but was never released.

Beautiful (2013)
‘Big Boys Cry’ CM shows 10 seconds of a music video. It’s never been known if a full version was filmed.


A-Sides that can’t be found on any album

toi et moi (1999)
Rumors say that Amuro Namie did not like the idea of being associated with Pokémon.

the SPEED STAR (2004)

Ningyo (2006)
Which is a cover of NOKKO’s original 1994 song.

Beautiful (2013)



Songs that had a pre-version

Mister U.S.A. (1992)
LOTTE Cereal Petit Ice CM: different lyrics and arrangement, lead sing by Arakaki Hisako

Aishite Muscat (1993)
LOTTE Muscat Gum CM [Muscat]: different lyrics and arrangement

Body Feels EXIT (1995)
avex Dance Matrix live performance: different lyrics and arrangement

PRIVATE (1996)
NISSAN S-RV Pulsar CM [Driving On]: different lyrics and arrangement

How to be a Girl (1997)
SEA BREEZE CM: different arrangement

KOSE Visée CM: different arrangement

Meiji Fran CM: different arrangement

Say the word (2000)
KOSE LUMINOUS CM: different lyrics and arrangement

shine more (2003)
mandom LUCIDO-L CM: different arrangement


Songs that have never been performed live


To-day (1997)
GIVE IT A TRY (2000)
Did U (2002)
Ain’t yours (2003)
baby be mine (2003)
gimme more (2003)
We got time (2003)
Wet’N Wild (2003)
WHAT IF (2003)
What’s on your mind (2003)
Indy Lady (2003)
No pt. 2 (2005)
Nobody (2007)
FAKE (2010)
Beautiful (2013)
Waterfalls (2013)
Genkai LOVERS (2015)


Songs that were registered with copyright societies by Amuro Namie but never released


BALLOONS (Felicia Barton, Bernard Aaron Christopher)
Felicia Barton co-wrote ‘Dear Diary’, ‘Do It For Love’ and ‘Finally’.

DIE WITHOUT LOVE (Carl Anthony Falk, Savan Harish Kotecha, Carl Pemberton, Rami Yacoub)
A song named ‘Die Without You’, written by Falk, Kotecha & Pemberton, was released in 2001 by Hyannis Sound, an American acappella group, and might be the same song registered by Amuro Namie.

 Listen to a sample of ‘DIE WITHOUT YOU’ by Hyannis Sound

DON’T SAY GOODBYE (Stefano Banno)
The song was finally released by Italian producer Stefano Banno himself, under the pseudonym ANANSI, and can be found on his 2009 eponym album.

 Listen to a sample of ‘DON’T SAY GOODBYE’ by ANANSI

GIRLS GOTTA LIVE (Adam Pallin, Jonnali Mikaela Parmenius, Thomas Skov Troelsen)
The song was released by Japanese girl group FAKY in 2019 under avex’s Rhythm Zone label.

Listen to a sample of ‘GIRLS GOTTA LIVE’ by FAKY

HOUR GLASS (Caroline Ailin Buvik Furoyen, Martin Sjølie, Jonny Wright)

I NEED LOVE (Benjamin Paul Camp, Jeppe Reil, Thomas Reil, Joren Johannes Van der Voort)

NEED TO BE WITH YOU (Erik Niklas Ingemar Hast, Eric Gustav Nyholm, Sharon Vaughn)

NOW I’M HERE (Komuro Tetsuya)
The song written by TK and originally registered under Amuro Namie’s name was finally given to BALANCe in 2000.

 Listen to a sample of ‘NOW I’M HERE’ by BALANCe

TURN THE LIGHTS ON – alternative titles ‘ON AND ON’, ‘TURN THE LIGHTS OFF’ (Mohammad Denebi, Janet Leon, Curtis Richardson, Peter Andreas Sjostrom)

TURN THE NIGHT ON LOVE (Cameron Forbes Lewis, James Morales, Matthew A. Morales, David L. Quinones, Julio David Rodriguez, Kimberly Nicole Viera, Krysta Marie Youngs)

WITHOUT MY MEDICATION (Nathan Vincent Duvall, Sarah West)


Rejected demos


We know at least two demos that were sent to Amuro Namie and rejected.
The first one was posted by MONK, who is responsible for ALARM, Fish, Four Seasons, STROBE and the SPEED STAR, on his official twitter and called STEP ON YOU.

 Listen to a sample of ‘STEP ON YOU’

The second one was revelead by Canadian songwriter Vince Degiorgio in an interview. Back in 2008, he and other musicians specifically wrote a song for Amuro Namie, but to their surprise, they received a lukewarm response. After a few months, Dutch artist Caro Emerald, who happened to be the demo singer, asked if she could use it as her debut single. Back It Up was released in 2009 and became a huge hit in The Netherlands [read more here].

Listen to a sample of ‘Back It Up’ by Caro Emerald


Songs that could have been named differently


Aishite Muscat: Aishitemasuka [original title revealed by Amuro Namie]

ALARM: CLOCK [original title revealed by its songwriter, MONK]

ALIVE: NRG [alternative title registered]

Black Make Up: Black Lipstick [alternative title registered]

Hot Girls: Hot Girls Make the World ; Hot Girls Make the World Go Round [alternative titles officially registered]

LOVE GAME: Ain’t seen nothing yet [alternative title officially registered]

make it happen: Shallow ; Wonderland  [alternative titles officially registered]

PRIVATE: Driving On [first title officially registered – version with different lyrics]

Rainbow: Remember to forget you  [alternative title officially registered]

Space Invader: Heart Invader  [alternative title officially registered]

Stardust in my eyes: Stardust in your eyes  [alternative title officially registered]

What if: basic. [SUITE CHIC website’s archives]

Wonder Woman: The Other Side [alternative title officially registered]