Disclaimer: Please be advised that some of the news articles found here are pure gossip coming from tabloids and should not be taken as facts. They are here for archival purpose and so one can understand the history of Amuro Namie, with its ups and downs, including the way she was treated by the media.


Amuro Namie Wins “Gold Disk Award”
Amuro Namie’s bodyguard involved in a fight
Amuro Namie & SAM wedding (Daily Yomiuri)
Wedding & Honeymoon chronology

Amuro’s suffering from depression-from pregnancy (Mainichi Daily News)
Haruto’s birth
Amuro Namie loses her grandmother and her father-in-law
NHK Kouhaku Utagussen Rehearsal
Various news

Kose Visée new campaign
Amuro Namie’s mother murdered
Tragedy; mom of Amuro slain (Weekly Times)
Amuro Namie will star in the movie Dream Seller
Dallas Austin to produce songs for Amuro Namie (Nikkan Sports Shimbun)
Rumors about Amuro’s second pregnancy

GENIUS 2000 release – Meeting with fans
Amuro Heads for divorce
Amuro sets her sights on U.S.
Big Wave Honolulu live
Okinawa’s Naha city to confer award on pop singer Amuro (Kyodo News)

Namie and Others to Perform in Korea (Digital Chosunilbo)

Namie Amuro Makes Christmas Cool & Puts America On Hold (Yomiuri Shimbun & MTV JAPAN)
Let’s “break the rules”
TK & KEIKO Gets Married, Namie Goest Black (Yomiuri Shimbun & SANSPO)

Amuro & V6 Miyake Ken going out?
Hamasaki vs Amuro

Okinawan Diva Promoting Japanese Pop in Korea (The Chosunilbo)
Amuro injured and cheated in Korea
Namie Amuro: Custody crisis sends pop diva into dive

Donation to Unicef
Rumors about a duet with michico
Sin City and Robert Rodriguez
Oricon Style polls

Namie Amuro makes voice acting debut in popular computerized anime
Namie donated 3 Million Yen for Kashiwazaki earthquake
Namie voted No.1 for Small-face beauty! (Oricon)
Female Celebrities who became prettier recently Poll (Oricon)
My Fashion Leader Poll (CDTV)
Concert in Brazil
Namie is the No.1 ‘Boots Beauty’ ! (Oricon Style)

Namie Amuro Files a 22 million yen damages suit (Mainichi)
Report of Taiwan Visit
News from Taiwan
Namie #1 on ‘Which artist is your ideal mum?’ (Oricon)
Paparazzi shots of Namie and Haruto
Wedding Polls (Oricon)
‘BEST FICTION’ breaks the million barrier!
Namie #1 on Oricon ‘Most Ideal Women’ (Oricon)
More Oricon Polls

Dr. Promotion Video (Oricon Style)
Namie #1 on “Your most ideal singer Mum” (Oricon)
My Fashion Leader Poll (CDTV)
Namie in Milan Fashion Week
Amuro X AMURO! Riding on a person Hermes…

Atsushi, Amuro Get Some Sedona Healing
Amuro dating Lonboo’s Tamura
Atsushi Tamura and Namie Amuro spotted on hot date in U.S.
London Boots’ Tamura cooking for Namie Amuro’s son (Kuchikomi)
Press Conference by Atsushi Tamura
Amuro angry at Tamura
Namie Amuro turns down offer of special Grammy TV show (Kuchikomi)
Rumors on Taira Emiko
Amuro on tour and her son’s turning into an adult
Amuro supporting her boyfriend
Rumors on Amuro & SAM divorce
Amuro Namie to return on stage for Osaka performance! (Music Japan)

Checkmate!’s release
Amuro Namie to sing theme song for ‘Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu’
Namie Amuro ends concert after 6 songs due to throat ailment

Amuro’s brave front (The New Paper)
Namie ranked #1 on ‘Small Face Queen’ poll (Oricon)

Midas Promotions presents Namie Amuro Live in Singapore
Namie’s a no-show. Queen of J-pop Namie Amuro’s gig in Singapore is cancelled, with refunds for purchased tickets being arranged (The Straits Times)
No more Namie. S’pore concert promoter says he tried to keep J-pop concert alive to the very end, The New Paper
Why No Left Eye on “Waterfalls” Remake? TLC Explains (Yahoo! Entertainment)
Rumors on Matsuura Max & Komuro Tetsuya parties
Namie Amuro becomes a Hologram, reveal of new song “Ballerina” (Barks)
Netizens react to Namie Amuro piano media play
Namie Amuro surpasses 1,000,000 Likes on Facebook (mdpr)
Namie Amuro to sing the theme song for Kitagawa Keiko and Nikishido Ryo’s movie “Dakishimetai” (mdpr)
Namie Amuro’s son to make his debut as an actor? (zakzak)
Namie Amuro gets a surprise at her Tokyo concert on December 7th

An angry Namie Amuro and her ex-husband SAM were spotted at the same party (infoseek)
The new genre that isn’t J-Pop but isn’t western music (Sponichi)
Ken Hirai and Namie Amuro to collaborate (Yahoo! Japan)
VOGUE Taiwan
Li Bingbing accused of plagiarizing Namie Amuro (HK.apple)
Namie Amuro: The Diva on the Edge of your Cup
Did Namie Amuro Flip Out on Avex?! (Arama JAPAN)
Rising Pro independence
Amuro has decided to become independent of Rising Pro (Shukan Bunshun)
Will Namie Amuro be forced into retirement? (Tokyo Sports)
Namie Amuro to sing the theme song for “FIRST CLASS 2”
Namie Amuro collaborating with Jolin Tsai (Arama JAPAN)
Namie Amuro is ignoring demands from Vision Factory; planning a 2015 US concert (Yahoo! Japan)

Namie Amuro to make an American debut? (Zasshi)
News from Hong Kong
Namie Amuro officially opens her management office, “Stella88” (Oricon)
Poke Your Screen While Watching This Video And Become Instantly Hypnotized (BuzzFeed)
Crystal Kay announces a collaboration with Namie Amuro, who she admires (Nikkan Sports)
Crystal Kay and Namie Amuro make a ‘REVOLUTION’ in new full music video (natalie)
What do Netizens think about Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki in 2015?
Ex-husband of Namie Amuro and TRF member SAM marries a non-celebrity in her 20s (Irorio)
“Virtual” Namie Amuro and Hatsune Miku appear on the cover of NYLON JAPAN (NYLON)
Did a Korean Video Game Company Steal Namie Amuro’s Face for Their New Game? (Arama JAPAN)

‘Namie Amuro Fashion’ show and Regalect collaboration (mdpr)
Namie Amuro’s ‘Hero’ selected as NHK’s Rio Olympics theme song (NHK)
Amuro Namie made surprise appearance at AMR LIVEGENIC 2016
Namie Amuro predicted to decline and become the “second Ayumi Hamasaki”? (girls channel)
Namie Amuro to provide two songs for the new Death Note movie
Namie Amuro collaborates with 7-11 for new Christmas campaign (7-net)

Namie Amuro “banned from NHK”? Her unreasonable demands surrounding Kouhaku stir up anger (girls channel)
Namie Amuro to provide theme song for upcoming dorama “Haha ni Naru” (natalie)
Namie Amuro completes 100+ dates for LIVE STYLE 2016-2017, sets record (infoseek)
Namie Amuro x Koda Kumi collaboration on the way? PC Music fuel rumors (Arama JAPAN)
Namie Amuro’s son enters a prestigious university; The thorough “Namie-style” parenting techiques, bizjournal (bizjournal)
Namie Amuro Suing Tabloid Magazine for Libel and Publishing Photo with Son (Nikkan Sports)
Namie Amuro Channels Blouson Chiemi in New Facebook Photo (model press)
Namie Amuro to sing the theme song for the TBS drama “Kangoku no Ohime-sama”
Namie Amuro to sing new One Piece opening theme (natalie)
Namie Amuro to have year-long 25th anniversary documentary series on Hulu Japan
Namie Amuro performs 2-night 25th anniversary concert for 52,000 fans in Ginowan (Ryukyu Shimpo)
Namie Amuro to retire next year
Korean reactions on Amuro’s retirement (Newsen)
Okinawa to present prefectural honor award to Namie Amuro (Japan Today)
Namie Amuro is now a 4-generation million seller: New album “Finally” pre-orders and sales exceed 1 million (Yahoo! Japan)
Namie Amuro’s “Finally” sells over 1 million copies in under a week, sets new record (Oricon)
Namie Amuro’s “Finally” Becomes Best-Selling Album Of The Decade (jpop asia)
Namie Amuro stars in docomo CM celebrating her 25th Anniversary
Namie Amuro’s special NHK interview “Confessions” earns an audience rating of 9.1% (Nikkan Sports)
NHK officially reveals they’re still in talks with Namie Amuro about appearing on Kouhaku (mdpr)
Amuro & Kuwata’s red and white appearance … NHK station inside “one night before” a nightmare (Kyodo News Agency)
Namie Amuro to Perform at the 68th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (natalie)
Namie Amuro, prepared ready before release … …. behind the scenes of “retirement business” (Nikken Caiso)

Jolin Tsai’s DVD to be released
The highest-viewed moment on Kouhaku was Namie Amuro’s final performance; 48.4% rating cements her place as a top singer (Yahoo! Japan)
Fake photo mars pop diva’s swan song appearance on NHK show (The Asahi Shimbun)
Distrust grows as NHK flip-flops on Dec. 31 video of Namie Amuro (The Asahi Shimbun)
Namie Amuro’s best album “Finally” crosses 2 million sales mark; first time in 11 years and 9 months for a soloist (Oricon)
The Namie Amuro songs you want to listen to these days? (Sukkiri)
Namie Amuro begins her final 6-dome&Asia tour (Yahoo! Japan & SANSPO)
KOSE celebrates 21 years with Namie Amuro (natalie)
100,000 Taiwanese fans scramble for ‘Namie Amuro Final Tour 2018’ tickets (Taiwan News)
Namie Amuro to collaborate with H&M
Amuro Namie to collaborate with JAL’s Japan Transocean Air (Neo-Tokyo 2099)
Tabloid apologizes for claiming Namie Amuro was brainwashed by a religious cult & had an affair (livedoor)
Jolin Tsai attends Namie Amuro’s “Finally” concert, gifts her handmade cake (apple daily)
Namie Amuro bids tearful farewell to fans at final tour (The Asahi Shimbun)
Pop singer Namie Amuro receives prefectural honor award from Okinawa (The Mainichi)
The Final 100 Days: AbemaTV’s “Namie Amuro Countdown Project”
Namie Amuro’s fans create crowdfunding campaign to post full page ads on her retirement
Okinawan-born New York City artist Yuken Teruya depicts famous Okinawans including Namie Amuro in his Bingata-dyed portrait series “Heroes” (Ryukyu Shimpo)
Pre-orders for Namie Amuro’s final tour DVD hit 500,000 in one week; expected to sell 1 million (Yahoo! Japan)
Namie Amuro’s ‘Final Tour’ Concert Video Set to Break Record in Japan (Billboard Japan)
Amuro Namie surprises Imoto Ayako on NTV’s “Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q!” (Neo-Tokyo 2099)
Namie Amuro’s “Hero” to be used as subway chime in Tokyo and Fukuoka (modelpress)
Namie Amuro Launches Second Fashion Collaboration With H&M (Billboard Japan)
‘Namie Amuro generation’: Okinawa moms pursue dream of fame (The Okinawa Times)
Namie Amuro’s “Finally” concert surpasses Arashi for highest selling music DVD/blu-ray, and it’s not even out yet (Hochi)
Amuro Fever Spreads in Japan (NHK World)
Japanese pop diva Namie Amuro’s fashion legacy lives on in memory, youth (Kyodo News)
Fans of pop singer Namie Amuro flock to Okinawa ahead of her retirement (The Mainichi)
Namie Amuro fans flock to tribute events as Japanese diva says farewell to show business (The Japan Times)
Pop singer Amuro gives final performance in Okinawan hometown (Kyodo News)
Japanese pop singer Namie Amuro steps out of spotlight after two-decade career (Kyodo News)
Namie Amuro graces stage for final time in native Okinawa (The Asahi Shimbun)
J-pop queen Namie Amuro retires after 26 years in showbiz (The Straits Times)
Japanese pop singer Amuro to step out of spotlight after 26 years (The Mainichi)
Amuro bids farewell in Okinawa concert (The Yomiuri Shimbun)
‘I did it my way’: Icon Namie Amuro retires after unique 3-decade career (The Mainichi)
Jolin Tsai Dedicates Post to Amuro Namie’s Retirement (38jiejie)
Fireworks bring down curtain on dazzling career of Namie Amuro (The Asahi Shimbun)
Namie Amuro to get a bronze statue following her retirement (The Sankei Shimbun)

Nine months after Amuro Namie’s retirement, she set a new record on Apple Music (neo tokyo 2099)
Japan’s National Day Association rejects “Namie Amuro Day” holiday (Okinawa Times)
Amuro Namie’s NHK 2016 Olympic and Paralympic broadcast theme song “Hero” has jumped to #1 on the USEN Request J-Pop HOT 30 (neo tokyo 2099)
Amuro Namie promotions are all over Shibuya (neo tokyo 2099)
Namie Amuro to Become a Producer for Johnny’s Jr.? (Business Journal)