Translated by amuro_namie@AMR

Amuro –I didn’t realize 3 years passed by so quickly, and through those years, I have changed so much. I want to express myself more through my music videos and music. I don’t want to just work on whatever pleases me, I want to change my style in a good & professional way. In that way, this album [she’s obviously talking about ‘Style’ album] creates a different type of world. It’s a positive sign for me. I have songs that qualifies to the fan’s expectations. In this album [STYLE], there are so many songs that I wanted to sing that I couldn’t in the past.

Amuro –yup, I’m very satisfied with this album.

-Suite Chic-
Amuro –While making this album, I was also participating with Suite Chic. Suite Chic has really given me an inspiration to pick the songs I really wanted out for this album. In this album I wanted the other artists to be part of my album. In a many different ways, Suite chic has given me the inspiration to create an album like this. If I hadn’t participated in the Suite Chic, I probably wouldn’t make this album as it is today.

-Good Life-
Amuro –yeah, so I wasn’t 100% sure if I should’ve joined Suite Chic when I joined. I was a bit worried of how other’s would react. I knew that this was going to be one of my biggest challenges ever. I thought I wouldn’t do well at the beginning, so I was a bit nervous about it. When I actually did Suite Chic, it was SO fun! When I went from Suite Chic to the regular Amuro Namie, it felt extremely comfortable to be able to sing the R&B type of music.

ZEEBRA –I think…probably…I’m not exactly sure, but I know that Amuro-san felt very challenged, being in Suite chic. I saw her trying to hide her embarrassment in the beginning when she was still getting used the new type of music. I think that is really cool. I think she was seeing Suite chic as part of her experience in the new world of music. Like right now, her music is the way is it now because of Suite chic….i think. I definitely feel as if she’s getting used to the music now.

-touch the sky music starts-

ZEEBRA –yeah, so in Suite chic, we sorta pulled Amuro Namie into this type of music. So, I hope in the future she performs positively and successfully with R&B type of music.

-Collaboration with AI-
Amuro –I went to one of the events that AI was going to perform, and when I saw her performing her songs, I thought she was really cool. That’s why we decided to have a collaboration in Suite Chic. Before I started working with her, I actually saw her PV on TV. Right after I saw her PV, I ran to the store and bought her CD. The song was really cool! I really thought working with AI will be so fun and awesome. In the end when I did work with her, she was as awesome as I imagined her to be. She’s a very fun person.

AI –man, I loved her voice in the song ‘Uh..Uh..’ It sounded really cool. When she sings really fast, it kills me!! I love it!!

How is Amuro?
AI –everyone around Amuro told me that she was very shy at first, when I met her she wasn’t THAT shy! She didn’t speak much, but I loved being around her so much. If Amuro puts a lot of power into whatever she is doing, I believe she’ll be able to succeed it very easily.

-Collaboration with Michico-
Amuro –I was working with Michico in the Suite Chic.

Michico –Amuro is a very strong minded and loving person. I felt a lot of energy from her when I was working with her.

-Common factor-
Michico –I found out that Amuro and I are very similar. The songs she likes to listen to, I also enjoy that same exact song. We have similar hobbies too.

-From Suite Chic to Amuro Namie-
Amuro –Whenever I made PVs, I usually don’t have any requests on what I want. I just walk in and do whatever they tell me to do. But when I started working with the Suite Chic, I was able to request certain music lyrics, notes, and even the PV. In the PV, we talked about how we wanted to do the scenes in detail, which shocked me, because I never really talk about my opinions on the PV too much. I was impressed that everyone’s individual opinions create a PV each time.

Amuro –I really enjoyed having many different type of songs and PV. I hoped that the fans will also enjoy my songs PV as much as I do.

Interviewer: Amuro, are you confident with your work?

Amuro : yes I am. Ahaha.

-past days-
Amuro –yeah, at first I wasn’t interested in dancing, but since my friends started to dance I was suddenly interested in dancing. Later, I got scouted by someone and I felt like dancing. As soon as I started to dance, I couldn’t stop dancing! I actually enjoyed dancing more than singing. I thought dancing was really really fun. When we were making the dance routine, I used to always look at Janet Jackson’s dance moves and also Paula Abdul’s too. They are so awesome!

-live concert-
Amuro –At first I learned about live concert by watching other artists’ concerts. Like on Onemo Youko-san’s [not 100% sure what name she said here] concert, she was dancing and singing at the same time. That was pretty amazing. Oh yeah, my manager was a dancer before too. I saw my manager dancing with the Youko’s songs and it was pretty impressive. From that point on, I wanted to have a concert where I can dance and sing together. You know how I debuted as a group and that we were dancing all the time? Well, if I haven’t debuted with a group, I don’t know if I would been dancing today. Yeah, I used to live with them and we went through rough times together. We encouraged each other very often to survive. I’m really glad I was in a group, because it was very tough at times and I don’t know if I could’ve go through that alone.

Amuro –Yeah, I really wanted to do a live conert! Even though I haven’t started selling my CDs! Ahaha.

-an object-
Amuro –Rather than being worried about how other feel about me, I discovered that changing my style and seeing the new me is really fun! It’s not my goal to change, but slowly I am changing my style….it’s really fun to do that! I will still continue with this style, but it’s really fun to change around some of the things to sound or look different. I mean, it’s not easy to do that, but in the end, it’s a good experience.

Amuro –you know, I don’t really go to clubs too much. Even when I was going to high school, I never really went to the clubs to dance. I sorta wish that I did stuff that teenagers do… getting hit on by a guy. I was never asked on a date or anything like that when I was young. Ahahaha.

Amuro –I always wanted to goukon [group dating]. It sounds really fun….is it fun?? I would be so excited to do that! I think it would be a good experience. Going out with a laywer or a doctor sounds interesting too!

-character description-
Amuro –When I am serious, I am very serious, but when I’m fooling around, I’m out of this world! Although I did many crazy stuff in the past, I never regret anything in my life. I do what I desire to do and I’m very straight forwarded person. If I want to be serious, I’m very serious, if I want to have some fun with my friends, I fool around, if I’m working, I work hard…yeah…I definitely do not regret anything I do. I guess I always do what I feel like doing! Ahhaa. Weird huh? Everyone around me just takes care of my weird feeling by putting all of my feelings in one ball…ahahaha….yeah….

Amuro –I feel as if my past 26 years went by really fast! With all the experience I had, this is how I am right now…ahahah.

-the time to come-
Amuro – I really enjoy what I do right now. I love my song and the fashion right now. !!! I hope to continue with my song and my fashion that I have right now.

Amuro –I’m not sure when to stop dancing or even to stop dancing. Like Madonna, she’s 40 and look at her!! Wow!! If there is a person like Madonna, I really feel like I can sing & dance until I’m 40. I think I’m going to try and stay in this business as long as I can…or at least until like I’m 40….I try not to think about the past. Like I always think that I had MUCH more energy when I was younger compared to now…..but hey, I stopped thinking about that. Right now, I just hope that my concert will be successful.

-the present-
Amuro –every year, I always have new ideas and desires. I want to do certain stuff more as time passes by. Like I have a strong desire for my music lately.

-a version-
Amuro –as I work with many different people in this business, I hope to continue working with all of them forever!!

-message from ZEEBRA-
ZEEBRA –Amuro is very energetic, and if I had another opportunity to work with her, I really hope that we do.

-how is amuro? –
Michico – She is very classy and listens to others very attentively. She is SO adult! I wish I was like her!!! Ahaha.

-message from AI-
AI –OMG, she definitely have a power to influence others! MAN!!! I really hope she keeps her cool looks and her sexy voice! I might say something stupid, but I hope she laughs at me again! Ahaha. I LOVE YOUUUUU!! MUA!!! *KISS*

Amuro –When I’m sad I want to listen to the music… so what I’m trying to say here is that music has played a big role in my everyday life.

-the future-
Amuro –I want to keep on singing in the future. I definitely don’t want to end my career here.

Amuro –It’s very complicated. But I do believe that having a pride is necessary. If I stop singing right now, I don’t know what I would do next. If I think about what I can do other than singing, there really isn’t anything that I can do.

Amuro –thank you so much!

[she stands up and bumps her head on the microphone and says ‘oh, I’m really sorry. Is the microphone fine?’