Title: Watashi, Mikata desu (私、味方です)
Also known as: I Will Always Stand by You

Type: Drama
Number of episodes: 11

Broadcast Network: TBS
Broadcast Period:
01/12/1995 – 03/23/1995
Broadcast Time: Thursdays, 22:00-22:54



Amuro Namie’s Role

Yoshioka Taeko, a young dancer who tries to achieve fame.
Guest appearance in episode 3 only (broadcasted on 01/23/1995).



Directors: Yamada Takamichi
Producer:  Ijijia Toshihiro
Scriptwriters: Iwasa Kenichi, Aiba Yoshihisa



Opening theme: Adam no Yoru – Suzuki Masayuki



Rinpei is a passionate detective who often meddles in other people’s business, whether he is welcome or not. His half brother Satoshi is studying to pass the judicial exams but starts working with Rinpei, causing all sorts of conflicts as one sibling tries to get rusults while the other is scrpulously insistent on playing by the book.



Actor and seiyuu Goda Hozumi, Filipino actress Ruby Moreno and MC ‘GUY’ of hip-hop band ZINGI also appear in episode 3.


Main Cast (alphabetical order)

Ishiguro Ken
Mizuki Kaoru
Nakamura Azusa
Sakurai Atsuko
Shibuya Kotono
Tachi Hiroshi