Title: Toki wo kakeru shoujo (時をかける少女)
Also known as: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Type: Drama
Number of episodes: 5

Broadcast Network: Fuji TV
Broadcast Period:
02/19/1994 – 03/19/1994
Broadcast Time: Saturdays, 20:00-20:54



Amuro Namie’s Role

Yoshiyama Miyoko, younger sister of the lead character (played by Uchida Yuki).



Directors: Ochiai Masayuki, Sato Yuuichi
Producers:  Shiozawa Koji, Iwata Yuji
Scriptwriter: Kimizuka Ryoichi



Music: Hisaishi Joe

Opening theme: NOKKO – Ningyo



Seventeen-year-old Yoshiyama Kazuko sniffs a lavender-scented potion at the high school laboratory and unknowingly gains a supernatural power. She kisses her classmate Kazuo but he rejects her advances, claiming to have come from the 27th century to experiment on 20th-century humans with homemade chemicals. He reveals that he is developing a new chemical which should allow him to return to his own time.

Before he leaves, he takes Kazuko back to an incident seven years in her own past, when she watched paralyzed as her younger sister Miyoko almost drowned. Though Kazuko hopes that reliving the incident will help her overcome her trauma, her ethereal time-travel body makes it impossible for her to intervene and she must endure the anguish a second time. Returning to the present day, Kazuo erases Kazuko’s memories of him and his abilities. However, later Miyoko talks to Kazuko about the incident and assures her that she would not have survived without her – it was Kazuko calling her name that snapped her out of her unconsciousness after she was pulled from the water



Amuro Namie co-stars idol and singer Uchida Yuki. Suzuki RanRan, with whom she forms the duet ‘Sister Rabbits’ and hosts children TV show ‘Ponkickies’, is also part of the cast.

This drama is the second television adaptation of the novel of the same name, by Tsutsui Yasutaka. The original author also appears in the cast.
The animated movie of the same name, directed by Hosoda Mamoru in 2006, is another adaptation of the novel.

In 2006, Amuro Namie covers NOKKO’s song ‘Ningyo’ which was used as the theme of the 1994 drama.


Main Cast (alphabetical order)

Amuro Namie
Hakamada Yoshihiko
Kaai Gamon
Kanno Miho
Kawahara Sabu
Kita Michie
Moriguchi Yoko
Morimoto Haruyuki
Sato B-Saku
Suzuki RanRan
Tsukamoto Nobuo
Tsutsui Yasutaka
Uchida Yuki
Yoshizawa Kyoko



Title: Toki wo kakeru shoujo

Release date: 1994.09.21

Production: Fuji TV / Pony Canyon

Catalog number: PCVC-10310

Price: ¥4,057