Title: Gakko II (学校 II)
Also known as: A Class to Remember 2: The Learning Circle

Type: Movie
Director: Yamada Yoji

Release date: 1996.10.19
Length: 122 mn



Amuro Namie’s Role

Herself (guest appearance)



Director: Yamada Yoji
Producer:  Fukazawa Hiroshi
Editing: Ishii Iwao
Cinematography: Naganuma Mutsuo
Art Direction: Degawa Mitsuo



Music: Tomita Isao



Aoyama Ryuhei must deal with the fact that two of his students at a special high school for the learning impaired; Takashi and Yuya have just disappeared. He set out to look for them with his fellow teacher, Kobayashi Daisuke. After searching for both students almost everywhere they could imagine they would go, the teachers are amazed to see them flying over in the balloon. Takashi and Yuya are scolded after that but Ryuhei does not feel so strict to his students. He believes that teaching is not just teaching students but giving them back what they give the teachers.



This movie is a follow-up of the 1993 movie Gakko. It was Japan’s submission to the 69th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Amuro Namie appears on stage singing ‘Heart ni Hi wo Tsukete’ as part of her ‘mistio presents AMURO NAMIE with SUPER MONKEY’S TOUR ’96’.

Other songs by Amuro Namie (‘GOOD-NIGHT’ and ‘Don’t wanna cry’) can also be heard in the movie, as they are listened by the characters.

Hamasayuki Ayumi is also starring this film.


Main Cast (alphabetical order)

Hamasaki Ayumi
Hara Hideko
Kanbe Hiroshi
Ishida Ayumi
Izumi Pinko
Nagase Masatoshi
Nakamura Tomijuro
Nishida Toshiyuki
Umegaki Yoshiaki
Yoshioka Hidetaka
Yui Masayuki



Title: Gakko II

Release date: 1997.12.20

Production: Shochiku

Catalog number: SF-9470

Price: ¥4,104



Title: Gakko II

Release date: 2005.11.26

Production: Shochiku

Catalog number: DA-0792 / DA-9792

Price: ¥4,104



Title: Gakko II

Release date: 2006.11.22 ; 2007.05.25 ; 2009.12.23

Production: Shochiku

Catalog number: DA-1792 ; DA-2792 ; DA-4792

Price: ¥2,880





Title: Gakko II

Release date: 1996.10.23

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Catalog number: BVCF-8001

Price: ¥1,529