Translated by AmrerML

[this message was posted by Amuro Namie herself on a fansite’s message board – she confirmed it in interviews]

Thank you for everyone’s really supporting me. I will write what I couldn’t tell you up to today. Many things happened on me during 98 and 99. After I lost my mother, I was especially severe. I was seriously thinking to retire as a singer because every time I sang, I remembered my mother…something I enjoyed with my mom or something pleased with her…. However…I remembered that my mom looked very happy when she came to my house and watching my stage on HEY!x3… she looked very happy with my stage…. then, I though I should have not stop singing…. After that… my staff passed me so many letters and said,”These are letters from your fans.” I was reading them at home every day… I could not stop tearing from these very kind letters… I was very impressed that fans are so kind hearted things. If I can give happiness to my fans through my songs..such songs of mine…… All word of you was really reassuring. I really thought I would do my best for my fans.

To all of my fans… I would like to say thank you for your support. I really felt that I was supported from all of my staffs and all of my fans.

Please support me as well.

In fact, I should have commented with the more proper word. But, I felt I should tell you soon after I came often to this BBS and communicated with all of you…. However, I will tell you with the more proper word on booklet for TOUR 2000.

Amuro Namie