Toi et moi was created in 1997 by Mina.


V1 : 1997 – 2000

“Toi et moi” was first launched under the name “Namie Amuro in French” even though the website was bilingual. This was the first French fansite dedicated to Amuro Namie. As I was 12 and learning how to use HTML, it was a very simple page with black & blue plain background and a few animated gifs.******/Index.htm




V2 : 2000 – 2003

In 2000, a new name was chosen after the release of Amuro Namie’s single “toi et moi”. It coincided with the launch of a brand new version, much more legible, with flying butterflies and stars following the cursor.




V3 : 2003 – 2006

In 2003, a third version was launched and followed the contemporary trends in design. It was clearer and more professional. This version has become the most well-known among visitors and a few pages are still visible online.




V4 : 2011 –

Between 2006 and 2011, Toi et moi stopped being updated because of lack of time and interest in sharing daily news. I have always been more interested in solid and original contents. This is the reason why I decided to work on a brand new website which would take the shape of a gallery – the ultimate Amuro Namie gallery. +25,000 pictures have been uploaded and tagged. The website will keep being updated in the future even though updates have been slowing down while building this final version.








V5 – Final Version : 2018 –

After Amuro Namie announced in September 2017 her retirement, I decided I would keep updating my website. To pay homage to Amuro Namie, I even chose to build a new full website again instead of just limiting myself to the gallery. I have started working on this project in early 2018. Unfortunately, the amount of work required did not give me the opportunity to finish it before Amuro Namie’s retirement. As a consequence, I decided to launch the website even if it is still under construction. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise: the website will be alive with new contents added gradually.

To give you an idea, there are +900 music samples on this website: you can discover almost every version of Amuro Namie’s songs as well as cover songs, original versions, karaoke sessions at The Yoru mo Hippare. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

There still may be several mistakes going around, do not hesitate to communicate them to me, so I can make the appropriate corrections.

Finally, excuse my very non-idiomatic English and any grammar mistake.